What is Shiatsu/Integrative Bodywork?

            Shiatsu is a touch therapy based in Chinese medicine that promotes healing and wellness.  Integrative bodywork means that Paula combines shiatsu with a broad variety of other approaches to healing.  Benefits:  Enhance feeling centered, embodied, energized, at peace; reduce physical and psychological effects of stress, like headaches, muscle tension, anxiety; support people with illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, etc., by encouraging better sleep, rest, energy; encourage feelings of safety and well-being.  

            A basic idea in Chinese medicine is that when a person is healthy energy (chi) flows freely and abundantly along certain pathways (meridians).  If energy is out of balance, this is experienced as dis-ease and ultimately can result in disease.  Another basic idea is that the mind, body, and spirit form a whole: what happens in one is intimately tied to what happens in the others. 

            The goal of shiatsu is to encourage the balanced flow of chi. This is experienced by the receiver as feelings of deep relaxation, wholeness, and as greater awareness of positive states and of tensions.  When energy is balanced, the body is better able to follow its natural impulse to heal itself.

            This balance is achieved through touch: The receiver lies on a massage table or on a mat on the floor fully clothed while the giver touches points on pathways of energy and other important locations and gently moves the limbs and other parts of the receiver’s body.  

            I combine shiatsu with a variety of other approaches to integrative bodywork, using whatever approach would be helpful or needed for a particular person at a particular time. My sessions might combine shiatsu with shiatsu shin tai, zero balancing, myofascial massage, imagery, breathwork, or other practices. The bodywork may be combined with conversation to clarify concerns, engage in problem-solving, or facilitate planning.   My role is that of a facilitator, educator, and consultant.  




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