Telephone 443 610-9881 or e-mail for information or to schedule an appointment.  

I will e-mail you material to read and a form to fill out about your background. 

Please come to sessions wearing loose-fitting clothing that allows your body to move in all directions, similar to the clothing you might wear to yoga.  A long- or short-sleeved t-shirt, loose or stretchy long pants, and socks are best.  Don’t eat a big meal within an hour of your session, but don’t be hungry either.     

Please tell me of any concerns or goals you have and any medical conditions or injuries that I should be aware of before the session begins.  Please communicate with me during the session, for example if you want a certain part of your body worked on or if you feel discomfort.   After a session, be sure to drink some water.  You may or may not feel effects of the session for a day or two.   

Please pay at the end of each session, with a check or cash.  The first session is usually 90 minutes (fee $125), so that we can discuss your background, goals, and questions and also do hands-on work.   After this, you can decide between a 60-minute (fee $90, most usual length) session, or a 75- (fee $115) or 90-minute (fee $135) session (if you want extra time for hands-on work or talking).   Depending upon your goals and individual situation, how often you will come can range from occasionally to a regular session once or twice a month or weekly.  If you want to address a specific issue, long-standing problem, or growth-goal, I will probably recommend that you have a session at least every other week and re-evaluate how things are going after 3-5 sessions.  If you want an experience to keep you on track or routine wellness, I will probably recommend a monthly or an occasional session.  

Please call or e-mail at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a session or you will be expected to pay.


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