Shiatsu/Integrative Bodywork

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  Paula Derry uses a wide variety of body-oriented, holistic practices to facilitate your settling into yourself, experiencing yourself on a deeper level, and finding positive pathways to relaxation, healing, growth, and transformation.  She combines shiatsu (a touch therapy based in Chinese medicine) with a variety of other practices.  She is a graduate of the Ohashi Institute, where she trained to be a practitioner of Ohashiatsu, a variant of shiatsu, and was a Certified Ohashiatsu Consultant; has extensive workshop training in shiatsu shin tai and training in Reichian work, zero balancing, qi gong, yoga, imagery, problem solving, and breathwork; is a licensed massage therapist.  Her original bodywork training was a certificate program in Esalen massage and eclectic bodywork at the Gefion School in Berkeley, California, in the late 1970s.  While her practice is in bodywork, not psychology, her background in health psychology informs her understanding of her bodywork practice.