what is a session like?

During my hands-on shiatsu work, you lie on a massage table fully clothed.  I touch points on the pathways of energy and other important locations and gently move your limbs and other parts of your body.  I also use other body-oriented techniques, depending upon your needs and goals.  Receivers have commented that my touch is intuitive, sensitive, and communicates a sense of safety and of being "seen."   

Shiatsu is a practice that is gentle yet deep.  Everyone has a different experience, and every session can be different.  The most common experience is feeling relaxed and centered.  Physically, you might feel less pain or muscle tension.  Feeling energized, more like yourself, more aware of mind/body/spirit integration, solid, clear, groggy, in a twilight/altered state, or tired are also common.  Some people have images, memories, emotions, or thoughts.  Shiatsu as I practice it emphasizes that healing touch is a communication between giver and receiver:  the sessions cultivate a shared attitude of attentiveness, even of meditation, and heightened awareness of experience.  The sessions should not be painful; however, there can be discomfort or sensitivity from sore muscles, a sensitive energy pathway, or increased awareness.   The bodywork may be combined with conversation to clarify concerns, engage in problem-solving, or facilitate planning, usually after the hands-on work.  

You may or may not feel effects of the session for a few days.  Most commonly, this could mean feeling good and more like yourself, sleeping better and having more energy, feeling less discomfort/pain.  Receivers do sometimes feel discomfort or unwell:  the work aims at being relaxing, but, in addition, it aims at working on deep levels of healing, and when exploring deeper levels at some point experiences that are transiently uncomfortable can come to the light of day.  





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