I've gone to Paula for basic relaxation and for help recovering from posttraumatic stress (after I was mugged and robbed). In all situations, she has been sensitive to my current needs and has tailored the session accordingly. I have always left a shiatsu session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, and when I was dealing with the effects of trauma, shiatsu also helped me gradually let go of the anger and fear I was carrying.

 The meridians that Paula chooses to address always feel related to how I am feeling, and I do feel that Paula is able to touch the part of my being that is struggling or that could use support. During my last treatment I was feeling quite fearful and not very hopeful. Her touch during this treatment conveyed support, strength, and reassurance. Afterwards, I realized that I felt more hopeful, and grounded. This reflects Paula's ability to connect with her clients in a deep and meaningful way.  

While recovering from chronic Lyme disease, I had more energy and slept well after a shiatsu session.   

Paula's shiatsu is both cleansing and grounding.  The energy released during my sessions opens not just physical energy but creative as well.  During sessions I feel she channels ancient Buddhist shiatsu masters.  

I find shiatsu has a centering effect.  If I come into a session tired, I leave more invigorated.  If I start the session energetic, I finish more focused.  Always shiatsu is relaxing.   

Paula's sensitive ability to focus energy helps to process a natural healing.  Her expert combination of modalities is a pleasure to experience.