what is a session like?

The receiver lies on a massage table or on a mat on the floor fully clothed while the giver touches points on the pathways of energy and other important locations and gently moves the limbs and other parts of the receiver’s body.  Shiatsu may be combined with other body-oriented techniques, depending upon the needs of the receiver. Receivers have commented that my touch is intuitive, sensitive, and communicates a sense of safety.  At the same time, I also think strategically and analytically about how best to work.  

Shiatsu is a practice that is gentle yet deep.  The sessions cultivate a shared attitude of attentiveness, even of meditation, and heightened awareness in the receiver of his or her own experience. Everyone has a different experience, and every session can be different.  Feeling relaxed, energized, solid, clear, groggy, or tired are all common.  Some people have images, memories, emotions, or thoughts.  The sessions should not be painful; however, there may be discomfort or sensitivity from sore muscles, a sensitive energy pathway, or increased awareness.   The bodywork may be combined with conversation to clarify concerns, engage in problem-solving, or facilitate planning.

Goals of the sessions include:

  •    Deep relaxation;
  •    Fewer stress-related symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, physical symptoms like headaches;
  •    Relieve muscle tension and stiffness;
  •    Greater sense of well-being, clarity, and wholeness;
  •    More complete connection of body, mind, and spirit;
  •    Greater awareness of experience, both positive and uncomfortable;  
  •     Support those with illnesses by encouraging sleep, rest, energy;
  •     Increase the ability of the body to heal itself.  




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